Can Garbage Become a Lucrative Business?

Most of Central America countries don’t have a proper recycling system. They are too expensive to establish such facilities. Instead the garbage is dump either on a suitable sanitary facility or dump at a ravine.

Now ask you self, can garbage problem become a lucrative business?


Take for instance what Laila Iskandar and her Community and Institutional Development (CID) group has done for Egypt. She has created a program in which garbage collectors recycle the empty containers instead of reselling them in return for educational funding from the companies looking to protect their brand. It’s a win-win situation.

The CID is a for-profit organization that seeks to link the private, government and non profit sector to achieve sustainable development while building the capacities of its clients. To date, CID has benefits over 15,000 urban poor with its water and sanitation projects, housing improvement projects, crafts projects, primary health and literacy projects.

<>This is only one example of what can be done. We have to think outside the box and come up with worthwhile solution that is adaptable for Central American garbage problems.


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